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Frigidaire Frontload Dryer Error Codes

Ann Murray
Table of Contents

Frigidaire frontload dryers are electrical appliances controlled by a digital keypad. When there is a problem with the dryer function or electrical supply, an error code will flash on the digital screen. Each error code corresponds to a specific problem.

Some of these problems will be easy to fix, while others will require the assistance of a trained electrician.


The F01 code indicates a problem with the internal controls. The problem may be with the connection between the digital keypad and the thermostat, or, more commonly, it may be a problem with the keypad itself. Replacing the keypad will often solve this problem.


This code indicates a problem with the internal temperature sensor. If the sensor is broken, it will need to be replaced. If the sensor is intact, the problem may be with the central control board, a hub for the digital controls.


This code indicates a problem with the dryer’s heating system. The code will appear when the heating circuits are broken or when there is an intermittent break in the power source for the dryer. If the heating circuits are working and the power source is steady, you may need to replace the central control board.


This code will flash when the drying time exceeds the programmed time for the cycle. This happens when there is a problem with the heating circuits, the vent, blower fan blades or keypad. It is important to stop using your dryer if you see this code since a runaway dryer is a fire hazard. Often this code will disappear once you clean the dryer vent.


This code indicates a problem with the power supply to the dryer’s motor. There are many connection problems that result in this code, including control board problems, door switch shorts, thermal limiter issues or motor problems.