How to Troubleshoot an iRobot Scooba

Deb Katula

iRobot floor cleaners are the most widely used series of home robots. The iRobot Scooba series was designed to wash and dry your tile or wood floors. The iRobot customer service center is known for its exceptional service.

Troubleshoot an iRobot Scooba

The tips and tricks below will assist you in troubleshooting your iRobot Scooba before you contact the customer service department.

  1. Check the battery on your iRobot Scooba when the power button light is blinking. If the light is solid red, charge the battery. The battery needs to be charged for 4 hours before you start the cleaning cycle.

  2. A green pulsing power button indicates that the battery in your iRobot Scooba is charging. The Scooba will not begin its cleaning cycle if the power is not on or the Scooba battery is not fully charged.

  3. Reset the battery in your iRobot. If the battery is not set into the unit correctly the power button will blink red. Correctly install the battery by making sure the yellow tabs on the battery fit into the guide holes.

  4. Check the tank of the iRobot Scooba to see if it is properly placed in the unit when the "check tank" light is on. This light will also show when the cleaning cycle has been completed. Once cleaning is completed you should empty and clean the water tanks.

  5. Remove the brush from your iRobot Scooba if the "check brush" light turns on. This light indicates that the brush could be jammed or offset. Once you remove the brush, clean both the brush and the filter. Remove any hair or other debris that may be caught in the brush.

  6. Look at the "I'm stuck" light indicator and count the number of beeps that are sounded by your iRobot. A different error is signaled by different numbers of beeps. One beep usually indicates that one of the wheels is not firmly on the floor. Turn over the unit and push down on the wheel to reset back into place.

  7. If the iRobot beeps twice and the "I'm stuck" light is on, this could indicate that one of the wheels is locked and not rotating freely. The front wheel has been designed to be removed for cleaning. Remove the front wheel, clean and replace it into the unit.

  8. Determine if the iRobot bumper moves in and out. Make sure nothing is stuck under the bumper. Problems with this will be noted by three beeps and the "I'm stuck" light.

  9. Clean the cliff sensors when the "I'm stuck" light is on and the unit beeps four times. Use rubbing alcohol and a clean Q-tip to clean these sensors located under the iRobot bumper.

  10. If you hear five beeps when the "I'm stuck" light is illuminated, this indicates that the right or left wheel is jammed.

  11. Contact customer care if the "service" light is on and the unit beeps once. This indicates that there has been a malfunction in the iRobot pump. Customer care contact information can be found in the Tips section below.

  12. If the service light is on and the unit beeps twice, the vacuum on your iRobot is broken. Contact customer care to have the unit repaired. See References below for contact information.

  13. Replace the battery if the service light is on and your iRobot beeps three times. Information on replacement parts can be found in the Resources.

  14. Replace the charger if the service light is on and the unit beeps four times. Contact customer care or see parts information link in Resources.

  15. Cool off the battery of your iRobot if the service light is on and the unit beeps five times. This can happen if the iRobot is stored in an area that is too hot or if you filled the tank with hot water.

  16. Tip

    Do not put bleach in the cleaning tank; you will damage your iRobot. Do not use the Scooba on unsealed wooden floors or prelaminate floors. Fill the tank with cool or warm water only. When not in use, keep the unit plugged into its charger.


    Do not submerge iRobot in water.