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How to Troubleshoot a Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Deb Katula

Hoover manufactures a wide variety of different carpet cleaning units. The troubleshooting tips in this article can be used on many of these, but all of these tips apply directly to the Hoover Breathe Easy upright carpet cleaner.

Troubleshoot a Hoover Carpet Cleaner

For more detailed information on a specific Hoover carpet cleaning unit, see Reference section 1.

  1. Determine if there is an electrical issue with the operation of your carpet cleaner. Is the Hoover carpet cleaner plug securely pushed into the electrical outlet? Could power to this outlet be disrupted and need to be reset? Try plugging the Hoover into another outlet to see if this solves the problem.

  2. Check to see if you have blown or tripped a fuse in your home. Reset the breaker in your utility breaker box or replace the fuse if necessary.

  3. Make sure the Hoover carpet cleaner hose attachment is securely attached in its designated holder. If it is detached, the carpet cleaner might be reading the hose as still active and the the cleaner will not pick up dirt and dust appropriately.

  4. Set your Hoover carpet cleaner to the appropriate height for the floor surface to be cleaned. If the setting is too low, the brush will not move properly and the belt on your carpet cleaner could break. If it is set too high, the carpet cleaner will not pick up dust and dirt.

  5. Check to see if you are using the correct filter bag. Using bags and filters that are not manufactured by Hoover might decrease the performance of your cleaner.

  6. Make sure the cleaner filter bag does not need emptying. If you have used your carpet cleaner to pick up a fine substance such as baby powder or fireplace ashes, the bag might be sealed--the fine particulate matter will adhere to the inside of the bag and will not allow dirt into the vacuum. This will occur even if the bag is only slightly full. Change the bag.

  7. Secure the filter bag tightly to the carpet cleaner. If the bag has slipped off of its holder or is not correctly positioned, the unit will not pick up dirt.

  8. Clean the filter located inside the filter bag door. Lift the filter cover and remove the filter. Wash the filter under warm water. No soap is needed. Let the filter air dry and replace it. This will improve the suction in your Hoover carpet cleaning unit.

  9. Determine if the belt on your Hoover carpet cleaner is operating correctly. Carefully remove any debris, string or hair that is wound around the spinner brush. If the belt needs replaced, follow the directions in Resource section 1.

  10. Check to see if the brushes on the Hoover carpet cleaner are excessively worn or damaged. If this is the case, replace the brush unit. See Reference section 3 for parts information.

  11. Clear the cleaning hose of any blockages. Secure the hose tightly to the Hoover carpet cleaner.

  12. Tip

    Do not add lubricant to the Hoover carpet cleaner motor bearings--it will damage the motor.


    For your safety, make sure the Hoover cleaner is unplugged before working on it.