How to Change the Fuse on a Kenmore Vacuum

Robert Morello

Kenmore vacuum cleaners are available in upright, canister and built-in models. All versions have different mechanical layouts. Kenmore canister vacuums have a built-in overload protector than functions similarly to a fuse, while the rest do not. If a power surge occurs or if the motor on your Kenmore canister vacuum begins to overwork, the overload protector kicks in, the power cuts off. With Kenmore built-in and upright vacuums, any blown fuses or power interruptions occur outside of the machine itself in the electricity supply.

A clog can cause your vacuum motor to overload and shut down.

Step 1

Turn off the power switch on your Kenmore canister vacuum if there is a sudden loss of power or the machine fails to turn on at all. A blockage in the airflow or an overfull vacuum bag may be the cause.

Step 2

Remove the plug from the wall socket. Wait for at least 50 minutes with the machine unplugged. This provides enough time for the built in overload protector to reset.

Step 3

Change the vacuum bag, and inspect the vacuum hose and vents for debris, which may be blocking the flow of air and causing the overload to occur.

Step 4

Plug the vacuum back into the wall socket and test it.