How to Troubleshoot an Oreck XL Vacuum

David Clair

The Oreck XL is an upright vacuum cleaner that uses high-powered suction to clean carpets. If problems with the vacuum occur, conduct a few troubleshooting actions to see if you help identify what is causing the issue.

You might be able to determine and take care of the problem without having to give the Oreck XL to a professional to fix.

  1. Plug the power cord fully into a wall outlet if the XL will not turn on. Check the outlet by plugging another appliance into it to ensure it works.

  2. Turn the XL to the side and look into the housing for any blockage if the cleaner will not run. Clear away any blockage.

  3. Inspect the belt if the cleaner does not pick up debris. Make sure the belt is not broken.

  4. Unzip the bag cover and inspect the bag if there is insufficient suction. Replace the filter bag if it is full. A full filter bag will decrease performance.

  5. Change the filter bag if the bag pores are clogged with fine dust. This blockage can prevent debris from entering the bag.