Fantom Vacuum Cleaner Troubleshooting

Sommer Leigh

Fantom offers a few different solutions for troubleshooting issues with its vacuum line. While each Fantom vacuum varies in its features and parts, each model is similar enough to the others that the solutions are similar.

Most often, Fantom explains that you may experience problems with the vacuum motor not operating, weak suction and the agitator not turning. If after applying these solutions you continue to experience problems with your vacuum, contact a vacuum repair shop for further assistance since Fantom no longer is in business.

  1. Verify the power cord is plugged securely into the electrical outlet if the motor will not start even when the vacuum's control switch is turned to "On." Fantom vacuum cleaners have a polarized plug and only will fit fully into the outlet when inserted one way.

  2. Replace the vacuum's flat belt if the agitator will not work. Slide the latch on the bottom plate in the direction of the arrow to remove it for belt installation. Lift out the entire agitator assembly. Slide off the flat belt and replace with a new belt. The replacement belt should sit flat on the assembly and have no twists in it or the components will not turn smoothly.

  3. Empty the dust compartment if the vacuum's suction becomes weak. Press the two release buttons located on the top of the dust compartment and the handle of the vacuum to remove it from the vacuum. Press the release lever to open the trapdoor and empty the dust compartment into a garbage container.

  4. Check for and remove blockages if the suction power continues to remain weak. Remove the bottom plate to look for blockages in the nozzle head. While the bottom plate is removed, cut away any threads caught in the assembly with a pair of scissors. Remove the hose cuff from the suction inlet and inspect it for blockages. Press the release button located on the vacuum head to access the nozzle air inlet pipe to inspect it for blockages.

  5. Clean the filters if suction continues to remain weak after clearing blockages and emptying the dust compartment. Remove the dust compartment and open the trapdoor to access the main filter. Pull out the main filter and the prefilter. Clean off any dirt or debris with a soft-bristled cleaning brush. Apply a solution of water and a mild liquid soap to the brush to remove dirt buildup. Rinse the filters under cold water. Allow both to dry thoroughly before reattaching the filters to the vacuum.