My Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Won't Turn On

Daniella Lauren

Rainbow vacuums operate differently from standard vacuums; instead of collecting debris in a canister or bag, Rainbow vacuums collect the debris in a water-filled basin. Because of their construction, Rainbow vacuum cleaners require regular maintenance after each use to keep them in operating condition.

If your Rainbow vacuum does not have power and will not turn on, it may be a simple fix or it may indicate a serious problem with the unit. Try troubleshooting your vacuum cleaner yourself before calling an authorized Rainbow repair center.

  1. Confirm that the vacuum is fully plugged into the wall. If the power still does not turn on, check the breaker to make sure that the outlet's circuit breaker switch was not flipped.

  2. Check the cord for bends, breakage or frays; contact an authorized Rainbow dealer or repair center, if necessary, for a replacement piece.

  3. Examine the placement of the power unit on the water basin. Ensure that both latches clamp down on the water basin, and that the hose is properly attached to the basin so that the unit can operate normally.

  4. Reset the motor by turning the power switch to “Off” and unplugging it from the wall. Allow the motor to cool down.

  5. Plug the cord back into the wall and attempt to vacuum as normal. If the unit still does not work, there may be a problem with the switch or the power unit. Contact an authorized Rainbow dealer or repairperson for your options.