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How to Replace a Eureka Vacuum Belt

Carl Pruit

In order to keep your Eureka vacuum cleaner running efficiently, it is important to service the vacuum routinely and not allow dust and debris to clog up the vacuum. This includes everything from changing the vacuum bag when it is full to inspecting and replacing the vacuum belt.

This can be done easily in just a few moments. The belt will tend to wear out over time just from normal usage. Regular inspection and maintenance of your vacuum will help you to keep it running for a long time.

  1. Locate and purchase the correct belt for your Eureka vacuum cleaner from the local grocery or department store. Vacuum belts come in different sizes according to your model of vacuum. Check your owner's manual or the vacuum itself for your model number.

  2. Turn your vacuum cleaner over so that the bottom of the unit is facing you. Remove the cover plate from the bottom by undoing the screws that are holding it in place with a screwdriver.

  3. Locate the belt pulley rod near the back of the vacuum base coming out of the motor. With the vacuum cleaner base turned upside down and facing you, the motor and pulley rod should be up near the top of the base.

  4. Slide the vacuum brush roller out of the slots at the bottom of the vacuum base and remove the old belt from the brush roller and pulley rod. With the brush roller off of the unit, clean the brush by removing any strings or cords wrapped around the tube.

  5. Install the new belt by looping it over the belt pulley rod next to the motor and then looping around the end of the brush roller in the belt slot. Hold the brush roller and pull back on it to tighten the belt while you slide the roller back into the slots on the vacuum base.

  6. Replace the base cover plate by snapping it back into place and securing it with screws. Turn vacuum back upright and turn it on to test the belt and verify the unit is working.


When replacing the vacuum cleaner belt, this is a good time to do some maintenance on the vacuum cleaner by changing the bag and cleaning the brush roller. For more vacuum cleaner models and styles refer to the owner's manual for belt replacement directions.


When removing the vacuum brush roller, remember it is under tension from the belt. Pull back enough on the brush to ease it out and carefully remove the belt.