How to Change the Belt on a Simplicity Vacuum

Kimbry Parker

The belt on a Simplicity vacuum cleaner should be changed every six to 12 months to ensure proper operation. Generally, if the belt becomes cracked, worn or stretched, it should be replaced.

If your Simplicity vacuum cleaner has lost sucking power or if you notice a burning smell when vacuuming, it may be time to replace the belt. This can be done relatively quickly and will have your vacuum cleaner running properly in no time.

  1. Disconnect the Simplicity vacuum cleaner from the power outlet. Place the unit on a stable surface such as the floor or a table.

  2. Turn the unit over to expose the bottom plate. You will see two tabs towards the back of the roller. Gently pull the tabs towards you, doing one side at a time. Carefully lift off the plate.

  3. Remove the roller brush from the vacuum. This will also remove one side of the old belt. Remove the other end of the belt from the motor drive shaft. Take off any strings or hair from the roller brush.

  4. Install the new belt by looping it around the drive shaft pulley first and then the brush roller pulley.

  5. Place the roller brush back into the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. Use your hand to turn the roller brush to ensure the belt is on securely and not twisted.

  6. Turn on the vacuum cleaner to test the belt. If you notice a burning smell, then the belt may not be installed properly. In this case, repeat the above steps to properly place the belt into the machine.