How to Change a Belt on a Dyson DC14

William Pullman

Dyson DC14 vacuum cleaners have a power brush that loosens the dirt and debris trapped in carpets and other fabric surfaces. The released dirt is then drawn into the vacuum cleaner. The power brush is rotated by a rubber belt that is connected to the motor unit and the power brush.

Over time, the belt wears down and does not rotate the power brush with the same efficiency. If the DC14 power brush no longer spins at the same rate, replace the belt.

  1. Unplug the Dyson DC14 power cord from the electrical outlet and allow it to sit for at least an hour. The vacuum cleaner becomes hot during use and needs time to cool off to prevent injury.

  2. Take the wand off of the vacuum cleaner and turn it over so the bottom of the power nozzle is facing up.

  3. Unlock the fastening clips on the bottom plate with a coin. The Dyson DC14 has three fastening clips across the bottom of the power nozzle.

  4. Pull the power brush out of the power nozzle and remove the old belt by sliding it off of the power brush. If the belt is broken, make sure you remove any parts that may have broken off.

  5. Slip the new belt over the power brush and place the power brush back into the power nozzle.

  6. Push the other end of the belt through the hole and stretch the belt over the motor pulley without twisting the belt. Ensure it is sitting in the middle of the power brush pulley and the motor unit pulley.

  7. Rotate the brush by hand to ensure it is moving freely.

  8. Reattach the bottom plate to the power nozzle by lining the three tabs of the bottom plate in the holes of the front bumper of the power nozzle. Press down on the bottom plate to lock it in place.