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How to Add a Beater Brush Attachment to a Shop Vac

Zyon Silket

A beater brush, commonly called a power brush or turbo brush, uses a set of rollers that rotate over carpet surfaces to pick up additional debris such as hair when you vacuum a room. Shop Vac does not make a power brush, but other companies do. You can adapt a power brush to fit your Shop Vac. Purchase all of the accessories needed from Shop Vac to complete the adaptation.

  1. Measure the inside diameter of the hose supplied with your power brush with a tape measure. The hose should be a standard size between 1½ to 2 inches.

  2. Install a coupler or reducer onto the end of the Shop Vac hose by sliding the appropriate end of the coupler into the hose. According to the Shop Vac website, Shop Vac hoses come with hose sizes ranging between 1¼ and 2½ inches. For example, if your power brush hose measures 1½ inches and your shop Vac Hose measures 2½ inches, you need a 2½- to 1½-inch reducer.

  3. Slide the hose for the power brush onto coupler. Place a few wraps of duct tape around the mating edges of the coupler to prevent the hoses from separating.

  4. Plug the power brush and the Shop Vac into a power outlet. Turn on the Shop Vac, and then turn on the power brush. Sweep as normal with the power brush.