Uses for Purple Power Degreaser

Liz Strader

Purple Power Cleaner/Degreaser treats dirt, oil, and grease stains, and is a heavy-duty chemical that can be used on an industrial-sized scale.


Purple Power Cleaner/Degreaser is manufactured and distributed by Aiken Chemical Company. The active hazardous ingredient is Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether.


Purple Power Degreaser cleans "a wide variety of surfaces. The concentrated formula penetrates grease, oil and dirt, and then creates a barrier between the stain and the surface."

Product Features

Purple Power Degreaser features include an industrial strength, concentrated formula that is nonabrasive, phosphate-free, non-flammable and "Certified Biodegradable by the Scientific Certification Systems."


The Purple Power Degreaser cleans stains on "auto, home, industry, farm, and marine" products, and gives dilution ratios for each type of cleaning surface on the bottle.


As of June 2010, Purple Power Degreaser comes in a 40 oz. spray bottle for around $4, 128 oz. bottle for around $5, 320 oz. jug for around $11, or 640 oz. pail for around $21 at various retailers.