Do Dyson Vacuums Use Belts?

Kaye Wagner

Dyson vacuums are known for their use of advanced technology to create a product that will not lose suction and that has greater motor power than other conventional vacuums. Like conventional vacuums, however, the Dyson does have a belt in it.

Dyson Belts

The Dyson belt wraps around the motor shaft and the brush bar, which allows the power of the motor to turn the motor shaft to rotate the brush bar. If the belt breaks, the brush bar will not rotate and the machine will have no suction.


According to the Dyson standard warranty, normal wear and tear on the Dyson vacuum is not covered by the warranty. If your belt is defective, breaks or stretches after a few days of use, it is covered by the warranty. Otherwise, you will need to pay for the belt replacement on your own.

Buying Replacement Belts

You can purchase replacement Dyson belts directly from the Dyson Company, which will ensure that you are getting the best product possible because it comes directly from the Dyson manufacturer. You can purchase a generic replacement belt from a hardware or home improvement store. Generally, generic belts are cheaper than factory belts. Take your broken belt to the store to ensure you are buying the right one.

Installing the Belt

You can replace the Dyson vacuum belt yourself. Dyson vacuums are designed so that you can service them without using any tools. To replace the belt, unlock the cleaner head by twisting the two yellow screws with a coin. Remove the sole plate and the brush bar sections, and wrap the replacement belt around the brush bar and the motor shaft.