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How to Change the Belt on a Fantom Fury Vacuum

Athena Hessong

The Fantom Fury is a new vacuum that does not use bags. This saves hundreds of dollars in the cost of replacement bags, but the vacuum still needs regular maintenance, which includes changing the belt if it breaks. Luckily, removing the old belt and installing the new one is simple--and the only tool you need is a screwdriver

  1. Unplug the vacuum. Stand it upright and turn it around to examine the back.

  2. Locate the screws on either side of the back cover on the bottom. They are located just above the wheels on the rear panel.

  3. Remove these screws and set them aside in a safe place so they will not be lost.

  4. Insert your thumbs into the screw holes. Push your thumbs inward and upward to unlock the back panel. This allows you to pull the base cover off of the Fantom Fury.

  5. Grab the brush assembly with both hands and pull straight up to remove it. The brush needs to be pulled off to remove the belt which is attached to one end of it.

  6. Pull one end of the old belt off of the motor and the other end off of the brush assembly. Then pull the old belt out of the machine. Discard the old belt properly before installing the new belt.

  7. Clean the shaft of the motor of any debris before putting a new belt in the vacuum.

  8. Keeping the belt straight, loop one end around the end of the brush assembly.

  9. Before attaching the other end of the belt, replace the brush by lining up the metal ends so that they all point downward.

  10. With the brush back in place, loop the other end of the belt around the motor shaft.

  11. Move the brush around manually to ensure that the belt has been properly installed.

  12. Snap the cover back into place and replace the two cover screws.