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How to Empty the Kenmore Quick Clean Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Bagless vacuum cleaners, such as the Kenmore Quick Clean Bagless Vacuum, are generally less messy to empty than traditional vacuums equipped with a bag. Kenmore makes two models of the Quick Clean: the 34720 and the 3900. Look at the specification sticker on the rear part of the vacuum cleaner to find the model number. Whichever model you have, emptying the dust bin is a breeze.

Kenmore Quick Clean Model 34720

  1. Press the power switch to turn the Kenmore off. Unplug the cord from the outlet.

  2. Pull the dust bin handle straight up to unlock it, and pull the dust bin forward.

  3. Turn the dust bin lid counterclockwise to remove it. The handle must be in the upright position for this to work.

  4. Empty the dust bin into a trash bin. Reattach the dust bin cover and turn it clockwise. Reinsert the dust bin into its mount with the handle still upright. Push the handle down to lock the dust bin.

Kenmore Quick Clean Model 3900

  1. Unplug the power cord. Push the dust bin release button on the bin's top handle.

  2. Pull the dust bin forward to remove it. Bring the dust bin to a trash bin.

  3. Hold the dust bin over the trash bin's mouth. Position the bottom of the dust bin on top of the opening. The Model 3900's dust bin empties from the bottom.

  4. Push down the lever to open the dust bin's bottom cover. Release the lever to close the cover.

  5. Reinsert the dust bin into the Kenmore vacuum. Push it firmly into place to snap the latch and secure it.