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How to Install a Bag for the Electrolux Oxygen 3

Johnathan Cronk

Electrolux products include their vacuum line. The Oxygen 3 is a canister vacuum with a HEPA filter. The Oxygen 3 is a popular choice among consumers given it's ease of use. The Oxygen 3 has controls at your fingertips, making the item user friendly. The vacuum can be used on rugs and hard surfaces, trapping dust and dirt in a vacuum bag. You replace the bag when the indicator light comes on, even if it's not completely full--as the light will come on if the bag is clogged or full.

Ensure your Oxygen 3 cleans the carpet properly by replacing a full or clogged bag.
  1. Unplug the vacuum from the electrical outlet before attempting any maintenance.

  2. Remove the hose from the vacuum by twisting counter-clockwise and lifting up. The hose will easily come off the canister. Open the lid by pulling the lid up.

  3. Pull the dust bag holder out of the canister. Remove the cardboard flange to access the dust bag. Remove the dust bag from the plastic holder.

  4. Place a new dust bag into the holder by pushing the cardboard into the end of the grooves on the holder until the bag clicks. You will feel the bag click and secure. Replace the dust bag holder into the canister and close the cover.

  5. Place the hose back onto the canister and twist clockwise to ensure it's secured. Repeat these steps anytime the bag indicator light comes on.