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How to Change the Bag for an Oreck XL

Kaye Wagner

The XL is a vacuum manufactured by the Oreck Company. If the machine stops picking up dirt, or it begins sputtering dirt, it is likely that the vacuum's dirt bag is full. When this happens, replace the bag as soon as possible to resume normal and efficient cleaning. Purchase new bags directly from the Oreck Company or a retailer.

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug it.

  2. Unzip the fabric case on the machine to expose the air bag.

  3. Pull the bag's cardboard collar. This will pull the hinge down so that the bag now is parallel to the floor.

  4. Pull the bag out of the machine carefully. The dust seal will close so that a minimal amount of dust escapes during the process, but dust will escape if the bag is very full.

  5. Position a new bag underneath the hinge and slide the cardboard collar into the bag dock. The bag dock is on the end of the hinge.

  6. Push the hinge up so that the bag is vertical. Press it into the dock door until you hear a slight snap. This is the hinge snapping into place.

  7. Zip the vacuum bag closed.