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How to Use a Frigidaire Vacuum Sealer Food Storage

Andrea Griffith

Unfortunately, many of us spend a lot of money on wasted food. If it's not used within a determined time period, perishable foods will spoil, rot and certainly can not be eaten. Instead of wasting money on food that can spoil, get a vacuum sealer to preserve your foods. The Frigidaire Vacuum Sealer keeps food fresher for several weeks or months longer than zip-close bags or refrigerator drawers. The sealer blocks out air and moisture, protecting the food from contaminants and from going bad. It's easy to use and this way, you can stock up or buy bulk food that will last your for a long time.

Step 1

Put the item(s) into the sealing bag.

Step 2

Pop open the vacuum sealer's lid and put the sealer bag into the machine. Place the bag's open end into the vacuum sealer's groove.

Step 3

Close the lid and lock the sealer in place.

Step 4

Press the "Start" button on the top of the vacuum sealer. Pressing this button will begin to vacuum air and moisture out of the bag (you will see the bag collapse around the food).

Step 5

Unlock the sealer and pop open the lid when the machine is finished. You can now store the food in the freezer or refrigerator for later use.