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How to Change Grout Color in a Fireplace

Alex Burke

You can change the color of fireplace grout and change the look of the fireplace surround. Lighter grout colors can become a deeper or darker color and dirty grout can look like new through the application of a grout stain. The easiest way to accomplish this color change is to stain the grout a new color.

However, grout stain products cannot lighten or cover-up a dark color grout. Darker colors will require a complete grout replacement to become lighter in color.

  1. Choose a grout stain and sealant. Combination products make for a quick application time.

  2. Clean the grout on an existing fireplace using an oxygen cleaner. This will remove all wax, oil and dirt that will interfere with the color application. Freshly grouted fireplaces should be allowed to cure for a month before cleaning and applying a stain.

  3. Allow the grout to dry for 48 hours after cleaning. Allow another day or two if cleaned during damp weather.

  4. Use a stiff artist's brush and apply the grout stain carefully. Tiles can become stained from the grout colorant, especially those that have not been glazed. A small stiff bristled brush will give maximum control over the staining process. Use a sponge to wipe away excess that spills on tiles.