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Bissell SpotBot Troubleshooting

Leah Waldron-Gross

A miniature vacuum cleaner that will find the dirt for you, the Bissell SpotBot Deep Cleaner is an automatic, hands-free vacuum that uses three amps of suction power and an "Automatic Smart System" to locate and clean unwanted carpet dirt.

If you run into a problem with your SpotBot, try a few troubleshooting tips before you take it in for costly or unnecessary repairs. For more serious maintenance issues, contact Bissell's support team via email or phone for warranty or service location information.

  1. If your SpotBot is making any loud noises or will not spray, the clean/solution tank may be empty. Turn off the SpotBot and unplug it. Lift up on the clean water tank to remove the tank from the SpotBot's base. Unscrew the clean water tank's cap and fill the tank with water and Little Green Formula. For tougher stains, fill with both Little Green and Oxy Gen2 Formulas.

  2. If your SpotBot is not applying enough suction to a stain to clean it properly, program the SpotBot controls based on the type of spill or stain. Set the "surface stain cycle" for recent spills that have not soaked into the carpet, and the "set-in stain cycle" for older stains. Failure to set the correct options will lower the performance quality of the SpotBot.

  3. If your SpotBot stops in the middle of a cycle without warning, press the "Start" button. The SpotBot will stop cleaning after 30 minutes unless the "Start" button is re-pressed.

  4. If there is little or no spray coming out of your SpotBot, the manual hose's spray tip may be clogged. Lift the manual hose out the clean water tank and suction out any of the remaining water in the tank with the tip of the manual hose. Open the dirty water tank and hold the tip of the manual hose over the tank to release any leftover dirty water. Press the lock button to release the hose from the base of the vacuum. Rinse the manual hose under clean water in the sink and allow it to dry. Press the lock button and slide the hose back into position on the base of the vacuum.

  5. If your SpotBot does not have any suction, the dirty/collection tank may be full. Release the dirty water tank latch and lift the tank off of the vacuum base if the water has reached the maximum fill line. Rinse the dirty water tank with clean water and allow it to dry. Press the dirty water tank latch and slide the tank back into position on the vacuum's base. Before use, make sure the tank latch is down and the tank's black valve is in place.

  6. If the SpotBot will not turn on, it may not be sitting flat on the surface. Plug in the power cord, place the SpotBot on an even surface, and snap in the vacuum hose to the base of the unit. Plug in the SpotBot and switch the power to the "On" position.


When using your SpotBot for spot removal, vacuum the area first. If the SpotBot does not completely clean a stain on the first run, repeat the cycle by resetting the original controls. The dirty water tank should be rinsed out and dried after each use. The clean water tank may be used more than once between cleanings, but should be rinsed after each use when using Oxy Gen2.


Only use Bissell-brand cleaners in the SpotBot to avoid damaging the unit or voiding the warranty. When using Oxy Gen2 cleaner, wear protective gloves or wash your hands immediately after use to avoid any skin irritation or white residue on your hands.