Bissell SpotBot Instructions

Trish Popovitch

The Bissell SpotBot is a compact electric-powered stain-treating unit that offers programmable settings. The machine can be programmed to clean stains independently, or operated using the handheld attachment. The SpotBot is a lightweight handheld alternative to traditional carpet-cleaning machinery.


The SpotBot has a clean water tank on one side where cleaning solution mixes with warm water, and a dirty water tank on the other side that holds the residue from carpet cleaning. There is a long handheld vacuum hose and spray trigger carpet brush for furniture and upholstery cleaning as well as a spiral cleaning brush on the base of the unit for carpet cleaning. The top of the unit has a sturdy carrying handle. Directly underneath the handle is the control unit with several buttons for programming the machine. There are “PAUSE” and “STOP” buttons, as well as setting buttons for surface as well as ground-in stains. Lights indicate the power level and cleaning mode.

Filling the Tank

Grab the clean water tank around the middle and lift up and off the base unit. Turn the tank upside down and remove the cap on the bottom. The clean tank has two indicator lines on the side. Choose the fill lines on the left for typical dirt-based stains, and the lines on the right for dye-based stains. Use cool tap water to fill the unit. Screw the cap in place securely, then turn the tank so the cap is once again on the bottom. Push back into place on the base unit.

Choosing the Settings

There are three main stain cleaning settings on the unit located underneath the handle area. A surface stain setting puts the unit in hands-free mode for three minutes. For set-in stains, choose the six-minute hands-free setting. To manually control the unit, press the “HOSE” button. The “HEATER” button heats the water for you, and the “PAUSE/RESUME” button provides more control over the unit when it is in hands-free mode.

Operating the Unit

Plug the SpotBot into the wall socket and place the unit over the stain. The clean water tank should already be filled. Press the desired setting button and watch the unit through the cleaning stages by observing the indicator lights on the top of the SpotBot. After the cycle is complete, the SpotBot will beep to signal it is done, and you can check the condition of the area. For hands-free operation, detach the brush with attached hose, and use the spray trigger feature to wet the area before sucking up the excess water using the SpotBot’s built-in vacuum.

Emptying the SpotBot

When the cleaning cycle is complete, unplug the unit from the wall socket. Pull the dirty water tank up and off the base unit. Turn upside and unscrew the cap. Pour dirty water down the kitchen or bathroom sink. Rinse the unit with fresh tap water to remove residue, replace the cap and return it to the base unit.


Not all SpotBot units have a heating button, and some take different types of cleaning solution. The correct cleaning fluids will be indicated in the manual that comes with the unit.