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Instructions for a Bissell Flip-It

Matthew Ferguson

The Bissell Flip-It is a hardwood floor wet/dry vacuum cleaner. The model's name derives from its design. Eliminating the need for two separate vacuum cleaners, the Bissell Flip-It is simply "flipped" to take advantage of its wet or dry cleaning capabilities. Using the Bissell Flip-It properly and maintaining its various parts as needed allows the machine to operate effectively and efficiently.


  1. Pull the clear plastic "clean" tank away from the machine. The "clean" tank is the upper of the two plastic tanks. The lower tank is the "dirty" tank.

  2. Remove the black cap valve insert. Pour the proper Bissell cleaning solution to the "Formula" line. Pour clean water up to the "Water" line.

  3. Replace the valve insert and plastic cap. Reinstall the "clean" tank.

  4. Insert the either the "Gentle Clean" brush or pad through side of the bottom of the Bissell Flip-It. The two accessories are used for dry cleaning. The brush is for use on tile, slate or any surfaces that have grout. The pad is for use on more delicate surfaces such as vinyl, laminates or hardwood.

  5. Turn the "dry" side of the Bissell Flit-It forward, and turn on the machine to begin vacuuming. Before changing to the "wet" side, turn off the machine and remove the "Gentle Clean" brush or pad from the underside of the vacuum.

  6. Turn the "wet" side of the Bissell Flip-It forward, and turn on the machine. Pull the spray trigger, on the handle, to dispense Bissell Formula and water onto the floor.

Tank and Filter Maintenance

  1. Check to see whether the Bissell Flip-It "dirty" tank is full. The white float inside the tank will have risen to the top.

  2. Pull the "dirty" tank away from the machine. Remove the lid from the tank, and empty the contents inside.

  3. Remove the pleated filter from the top of the tank. Tap the side of the filter against a wastebasket to remove debris. If rinsing the filter, allow it to dry completely before reinstalling it.

  4. Reassemble the tank and filter, and fit the lid back onto the tank. Reinstall the tank onto the Bissell Flip-It vacuum cleaner.