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How to Use Bissell Powersteamer Pro

Meredith Jameson

The Bissell PowerSteamer Pro is a deep cleaner for carpets that uses a rotating power brush system and has a 1-gallon cleaning tank. The unit is sold in many home retail, appliance and department stores, as well as online and comes with a limited warranty. Move furniture out of the way and vacuum the carpet area with a regular vacuum prior to using the PowerSteamer Pro to increase the effectiveness of the carpet cleaner.

  1. Take the tank out of the PowerSteamer Pro base by stepping on the foot pedal to lower the handle down to the floor. Push the tank handle back and lift it up to remove.

  2. Pull the handle forward to unlock the lid and take it off. Fill the tank with clean, hot water. Close the lid and pull the handle up to carry it to the base. Set the tank on the base and push the handle back until it latches.

  3. Pull the formula tank out of the front bottom of the base and unscrew the cap counterclockwise. Fill with Bissell brand formula and screw the lid closed in a clockwise motion.

  4. Turn the "SmartMix" dial to "Water Rinse," "Normal" or "High Traffic" depending on the soil level and type of carpet to be cleaned. Choose "Water Rinse" for delicate surfaces. Select the floor type with the "Ready Tools" knob.

  5. Plug the PowerSteamer into a power outlet and turn the power to "On."

  6. Squeeze the cleaning trigger and hold it while moving the cleaner over the damp area and then pulling back. Release the trigger. Repeat the movement over the same area.

  7. Turn the power switch to "Off" and unplug. Remove the formula and water tanks and rinse well.