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How to Use an Aerus Pro Floor Shampooer

Mel Frank

Aerus carries a number of products designed to keep the home clean, from vacuum cleaners to air purifiers. The company also offers a Floor Pro carpet shampooer, designed to deep clean and remove residue and stains from your carpeting. This unit works well when your vacuum alone isn't enough to get the floor cleaned to your liking.

Clean carpeting with the Aerus Floor Pro shampooer.
  1. Snap out the carpet shampoo reservoir from the top latch. This is located about midway down the unit.

  2. Add warm water to the fluid tank. For cleaning one room, fill it only about 1/4 full, or if you're cleaning the entire home, fill the tank to the highest fill line.

  3. Count the notches up the side of the fill tank. For each notch that's under the water line, add in a cap full of carpet shampoo. Snap the canister back onto the Aerus unit.

  4. Plug in and press the power switch located to the bottom left of the unit near the base with your foot to turn it on.

  5. Pull the shampoo trigger under the right handlebar of the unit, and push slowly over the carpet as you would a vacuum. Pull the shampoo trigger and clean about three square feet of carpeting. Move in large circular motions as you clean. Move on to the next area. Pull the steam trigger and repeat. Continue until all carpet is cleaned and allow it to air dry. Don't walk over the carpet until it's fully dried.

  6. Vacuum the carpeting to restore the natural pile of the carpeting.