Hoover Steam Vac Legacy Carpet Cleaner Instructions

Mel Frank

Hoover offers a variety of vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning units, all priced affordable and designed for use in the home. Often you need a deeper cleaning than your regular vacuum can deliver. A steam cleaner works well for this cleaning job. The Steam Vac Dual-V Legacy is user-friendly and easy to operate after you learn the operating instructions.

Save time. Clean dirty carpet with a Hoover Steam Vac.
  1. Locate the water compartment. It is about halfway down the unit. Pop out the canister, fill with water until you meet the fill line and snap it back into place on your Hoover cleaner.

  2. Open the cap for the cleaning solution input, then pour in the cleaning solution until you reach the fill line. The solution comes with the unit upon purchase, or you can purchase steam cleaning solution from Hoover or your local supermarket or home improvement store.

  3. Plug in and turn on the cleaner. The power switch is near the back middle of the Steam Vac.

  4. Push the Hoover Legacy across your carpeting, pulling the steam trigger at the top of the unit every 30 seconds or so as you clean.

  5. Empty the bottom tank of the unit after cleaning. The lowest water tank is what captures the dirty extracted water. Empty and rinse out the tank after each use to prevent odor and bacteria.