How to Troubleshoot a Dirt Devil Easy Steamer

Chad Buleen

Dirt Devil easy steam cleaners are moderately priced cleaners that allow users to shampoo their carpets. These devices include a few parts that work together to apply water and shampoo as well as dry and touch up the carpet or rug you are cleaning.

Because these devices perform only a few essential functions, troubleshooting is a fairly simple way to fix a problem that often only takes a few minutes to diagnose.

  1. Ensure that the cleaner's power cord is firmly plugged into a working wall outlet if the device will not run. If the device does not start up after plugging it in, check the breaker box to see if there is a tripped breaker. If the breaker is tripped, flip it back to "on."

  2. Empty the dirty water tank if the cleaner will not pick up or provide ample suction. To empty the dirty water tank, grab the tank's handle and press the latch to remove it. Remove the tank lid and dump the water out. Put the tank lid back in place and place the tank back on the cleaner. Press down to relatch the tank.

  3. Re-check how the solution reservoir is installed if water is escaping from the cleaner. It is likely that the solution reservoir is not correctly installed. Grab the solution reservoir under the handle and tilt the reservoir out. Place the reservoir back into its place and push it in until it clicks.