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How to Use the Hoover SteamVac Cleaner

Michelle Skidgel

Your carpets will achieve a professionally cleaned appearance if you regularly use the Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner to deep clean their fibers. The SteamVac process involves wetting the carpet with cleanser and water, scrubbing the fibers and sucking away the dirty water.

Rid your carpets of spills and regular grime by tackling them with the Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner.

Keep your SteamVac in top condition by using it per the Hoover Company’s recommendations.


  1. Vacuum the carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner. The SteamVac is not intended for use as a dry carpet cleaner and will perform better if debris has been removed prior to its use.

  2. Stand the SteamVac in the upright setting. Push the clean solution tank’s handle down as you pull it toward you and away from the machine.

  3. Twist the tank cap off and use it to measure the amount of Hoover cleaning detergent recommended on the detergent’s label. Pour the measured amount of detergent into the clean solution tank, followed by 1 gallon of hot water from the faucet. Twist cap back on the tank.

  4. Place the tank’s bottom back in its compartment, then push the handle back to seat it properly.

  5. Repeat the water and detergent fill process whenever the clean solution tank becomes empty during use.


  1. Plug the SteamVac into an outlet.

  2. Position the SteamVac in the corner of the space to be cleaned that is located farthest away from the door.

  3. Push the release pedal while you lower the handle to a comfortable position for handling the machine.

  4. Move the SteamVac forward slowly as you depress the spray trigger. Hold the trigger while you move the SteamVac back again.

  5. Let go of the spray trigger and move the Steam Vac forward and back again, still moving slowly.

  6. Repeat the spray stroke and dry stroke as needed based on the condition of the carpet. Move across the space, overlapping strokes slightly to make sure you don’t miss any dirty areas.

  7. Cover the carpet with additional dry strokes as necessary to aid in picking up the solution.


  1. Remove dirty water from the SteamVac’s recovery tank when it becomes full during use and again when you are finished cleaning the carpet. The motor will make a higher-pitched sound and you will notice less suction.

  2. Turn the SteamVac off and remove the machine’s plug from the electrical outlet.

  3. Push down on the clean solution tank’s handle and pull it out of the machine. Place it out of the way.

  4. Press the machine’s pedal and recline the handle all the way to the floor. Pull both latches -- one located on each side -- from the recovery tank.

  5. Remove the recovery tank and take it to the sink or bathtub. Pull on the latch on the back of the lid to remove it, then dump the dirty solution into the drain.

  6. Rinse the recovery tank, then push the lid back down onto the tank. Check to be sure the lid is closed completely. Place the tank back in its original location and turn the latches on each side back toward the tank.