How to Operate a Hoover Steamvac Widepath

Myra Smith

The Hoover Steamvac Widepath is an easy to assemble carpet cleaning appliance that cleans a 13 inch wide path. It features a one gallon clean water tank with a 30 foot cord that eliminates the need to use extension cords.

The powerful 12 amp motor and the rotating scrubbing brushes assure that the cleaning solution gets worked down into the fibers of the carpet and then vacuums the dirty solution up thoroughly to make drying time shorter.


Going over the carpet numerous times to allow the machine to vacuum up the cleaning or rinse solution decreases the drying time.


Use caution when cleaning stairs. Clean the top half of the staircase with the machine placed at the top and clean the lower half with the machine at the bottom.

Operating the Hoover Steamvac Widepath

  1. Assemble the Hoover Steamvac Widepath according to the instructions in the owner's manual. The assembly instructions are straightforward and only require a screwdriver to complete.

  2. Vacuum the carpet to be cleaned with a regular vacuum cleaner, do not use the Hoover Steamvac for dry vacuuming. Move any furniture out of the area or place wax paper or aluminum foil under the legs to avoid the possibility of rust from the legs staining the carpet.

  3. Fill the cleaning tank with hot tap water. Fill the cleaning solution tank with the proper carpet cleaner. Check to insure the tank that collects the cleaning solution is properly seated and attached to the machine.

  4. Turn the switch on to engage the rotating brushes. Step on the handle release with your foot and lower handle to operating position. Set the wash/rinse switch to wash. Squeeze dispensing trigger to start cleaning. Move the cleaner forward while dispensing cleaning solution. Slowly pull the machine back toward you, still dispensing cleaning solution. Go over the same area, overlapping stokes about one inch, without depressing the trigger, until there is no liquid going into the collection tank. Keep the machine head flat on the carpet.

  5. Rinse carpet if desired by setting the wash/rinse switch to rinse. Apply to the carpet by squeezing the dispensing trigger and making one forward and back stroke. Make additional strokes without depressing the trigger to remove the rinse water from the carpet.

Cleaning Stairs and Upholstery with the Hoover Steamvac Widepath

  1. Attach the hose to the base of the Hoover Steamvac with the machine unplugged and with the handle in the upright position. Fill the clean water tank with hot tap water and the cleaning solution tank with carpet cleaner. Plug the machine in and set the wash/rinse switch to wash.

  2. Hold the attachment above the stair carpeting one inch and spray in a forward motion. Place cleaning pad directly on the carpet and spray the cleaner while pulling back. Release trigger and vacuum up the cleaning solution. Continue across the surface of the stair using the same forward and back strokes.

  3. Empty the recovery tank when it becomes full. The sound of the machine's motor will sound higher pitched when the recovery tank is full and there will be no suction.

  4. Use the upholstery tool for cleaning upholstery that has a tag reading "w" or "w/s". This coding signifies that the upholstery is safe to clean with water. Use the same application strokes as for stairs and avoid over-wetting the fabric.

  5. Upon completion of cleaning, empty the recovery tank. Clean the brushes and attachments and allow to dry thoroughly before storing the machine.