My Bissell Power Steamer With the Power Brush Cleaner Will Not Spray the Water Out

Kaye Wagner

The Bissell Power Steamer is a steam-cleaning machine that sprays cleaning solution on the carpet then uses steam to remove dirt and other debris. The machine will brush the steamed cleaning solution into the carpet then suck out the dirt to leave the carpet clean and dry.

If the machine has stopped spraying water, stop using it immediately and troubleshoot the issue to prevent further damage.

Empty Bladder

The machine doesn’t have a very large bladder. This helps make the Power Steamer lighter, but it requires that you refill the bladder with water several times during the cleaning process. To do this, lower the handle to the floor then lift the water tank to unlock it from the machine. Lower the handle in the opposite direction to unlock it then fill the bladder with hot tap water to the fill line. Measure cleaning solution with the measuring cup supplied with the machine and pour it into the bladder. Replace the lid and the tank in the machine before again using it.

Improper Tank Installation

The machine will not work and will not spray water if the tank isn’t installed properly. This can happen if the base is not lined up with its seat on the machine or if the handle is not lowered to lock the tank into place. Remove the tank and put it back into the machine securely, making sure it locks into place.

Un-primed Pump

The water pump in the machine provides the necessary pressure to spray water out of the tank. If the pump is un-primed, you’ll need to turn the machine off and wait at least one minute before turning the machine back on. This helps re-prime the pump. You might need to do this several times before cleaning the carpet again.

Broken Pump Belt

If the pump belt breaks, the pump will not be able to dispense water out of the machine. Fix this by turning the machine off then pressing a flat head screwdriver into the notch next to the belt access door to open it. If the belt is broken, remove it and install a new one by wrapping one end around the pump and the other end around the black pulley. Close the door before using the machine.