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Fogger FM-1000 Instructions

Cameron Easey

The FM-1000 refers to the model FM-9 fog machine which requires 1000 watts of power for realistic fog production. The machine produces fog by heating a water-based fog liquid. You can then create various effects that appear as smoke for events including Halloween school plays. This model of fog machine requires the use of a remote which allows you to operate the machine at a set distance.

  1. Remove the cap for the liquid tank by turning it counterclockwise. Pour the fog liquid directly into the tank. Replace the cap for the liquid tank and then plug the cable for the remote control into the unit.

  2. Plug the power cord for the fogger into an electrical outlet. Place the unit on the ground or on the floor where you want to disperse the fog.

  3. Turn the switch that is on the back of the unit to position "1" to turn it on. Allow a few minutes for the machine to warm up. The fogger is ready to use when the green indicator light comes on.

  4. Press a number button on the remote control to begin emitting fog from the machine. The machine will them begin emitting fog for the selected amount of time.