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How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Matthew Ferguson

For optimal performance, Hamilton Beach recommends a thorough cleaning of its coffee machine once a month. A thorough cleaning entails washing the carafe and filter, and descaling the inside of the machine. Regular descaling eliminates calcium and mineral buildup that could compromise flavor and machine performance.

  1. Place the carafe on the hot plate and close the lid on the filter basket. Both the carafe and the filter should be empty.

  2. Empty one pt. of white vinegar into the water reservoir. Check that the Hamilton Beach coffee machine is plugged in.

  3. Turn the machine to on. Set a timer for 30 seconds.

  4. Turn the machine off after 30 seconds.

  5. Set the timer for 30 minutes, allowing the vinegar to clean during this period. At 30 minutes, turn the machine on again to start the brew cycle. Turn the machine off once the brew cycle is complete.

  6. Empty the carafe of vinegar, and rinse the carafe completely with water. Then fill the carafe with cold water and pour the water into the reservoir.

  7. Place the empty carafe on the hot plate and turn the machine on. Once the brew cycle is complete, empty the carafe. Fill the reservoir with cold water a second time, and run the machine through one more cycle.

  8. Turn the machine off. Use soap and hot water to clean the carafe and filter by hand. Both are dishwasher safe, as well.