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Instructions for the Melitta Mill & Brew

Chris Steel

The Melitta Mill and Brew is a well-received combination electric coffee maker. Combination coffee makers both grind and brew a drip-style coffee. The metal mesh filter provides consumers with a true flavor for their favorite coffees. Reviewers have mentioned that the grinder is sturdy and holds up to large amounts of use. Before using your Mill and Brew, it is important that you run two wash cycles before making any coffee and thoroughly clean and dry the carafe and filter basket.

Grinding and Brewing

Sample a variety of coffee beans to find the one you like best.
  1. Plug the coffee maker into an electrical outlet.

  2. Fill the carafe with the desired amount of water. Markings on the side of the carafe display the number of 5-ounce cups to be made.

  3. Pour the water into the reservoir at the top of the machine and place the carafe on the warming plate.

  4. Open the Mill and Brew assembly and place one scoop of whole coffee beans into the basket per every two cups of brewed coffee. Replace the basket into the machine and check that the lid is seated securely.

  5. Select the coarseness of your grind on the electronic display on the front of the machine. The machine is automatically preset for a medium grind, and grind size is determined by length of grind.

  6. Check that the "Mill" light is turned off, then press the "Power" button. The mill will turn on and grind the coffee. When the milling has finished, the machine will automatically switch to the brewing function.