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Instructions for Espresso Machine BC-1724

Nick Grimes

The Betty Crocker BC-1724 is an affordable espresso and coffee maker which provides cafe-style coffee in a user-friendly package designed for the novice. The machine incorporates steam brewing and a milk steamer, making espresso-style brewing and cappuccino milk frothing possible as one process. Using the BC-1724 is a straightforward procedure easily learned by even those who've never brewed steam-style coffee before.

Brew coffee just like at a cafe.
  1. Fill the jug of the BC-1724 halfway with clean cold water and pour this into the reservoir at the back of the machine. Place 1 tbsp. of espresso-ground coffee into the coffee basket and flatten the surface with the tamping scoop. Place the basket into the holder in the front of the machine.

  2. Place an espresso cup under the brew nozzle. Set the switch to "Brew" to fill the cup with fresh coffee. Flick the switch to stop the brewing process.

  3. Fill a mug half to 2/3 with skim milk and place the steam nozzle in the milk. Set the switch to "Steam" and hold the nozzle under the milk's surface until the cup is hot to the touch. Flick the switch to stop steaming.

  4. Combine the brewed coffee and steamed milk as desired for a latte or flat white-style drink. Fill the jug with water and place the steam nozzle under the surface of the water. Set the switch to "Steam" for 20 to 30 seconds to clean out the nozzle before leaving the machine.