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How to Use a Krups Steamer

Cassandra Tribe

Using steam to cook is a way to create tender, nutritious foods. Krups, a maker of small kitchen appliances, makes the process easier with their programmable steamer products. Advertised as "rice steamers," these appliances can be used to cook much more. Similar to crock pots and other styles of slow cookers, a rice steamer can be set to cook without needing your constant attention. Learning to use a Krups steamer is simple process. Choosing from the endless recipe ideas for what to make in it can be the challenge.

Different types of rice will require different cook times.
  1. Open the Krups steamer by pulling up on the lid handle while pressing down on the latch button.

  2. Remove the steamer basket by lifting it out of the inner bowl by its handle.

  3. Fill the inner bowl with 6 cups of water (or the amount called for in the recipe). Measure the amount of water by matching it to the scale marked on the inside of the bowl, not by using a separate cup-measuring tool.

  4. Place the steam basket back onto the inner bowl and fill the basket with the recipe ingredients. Follow the recipe for instructions on whether to place the separate "rice cover" on the steam basket or to leave the steam basket uncovered in the cooker.

  5. Close the steamer lid and make sure the latch locks the cover in place.

  6. Press and hold in the "Mode" button on the front of the steamer (the left button) until the red light indicating the steamer function comes on. Release the "Mode" button.

  7. Set the cook time by pressing the center button or "Cook Time" button in until the digital display shows the number of minutes required by the recipe. Release the "Cook Time" button to set the timer.

  8. Press the "On/Off" button on the right once to turn the steamer on and start the cooking process. When the timer runs out, the steamer will turn itself to the "Warming" mode.