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How to Use a Black & Decker Cappuccino Maker

Jonathan McLelland

Cappuccino is a combination of espresso, foam and steamed milk that forms a slightly bitter -- or sweet if you add sugar -- coffee drink. Black and Decker manufacturers several cappuccino makers, and while the exact operation instructions may vary according to your specific model, the basic instructions are the same.

Black & Decker cappuccino makers provide cafe-style drinks at home.
  1. Fill the water reservoir with the appropriate amount of water. Review the measurement lines found in the reservoir. There will be a line denoting the amount of water to be used for a single cup or for multiple cups of cappuccino.

  2. Open the lid where the espresso beans will be placed, or if you have a pod-brewing model, open the pod area. Cappuccino pods are pre-measured circular pods with the appropriate amount of espresso beans. Place the appropriate amount of espresso beans for the number of cups you wish to make or place the cappuccino pod into the machine. Close the bean/pod lid.

  3. Press the start button. Depending on the model, the button may be placed in different locations; however, it is typically found on the side of the machine or directly above the brewing pot.

  4. Wait for the cappuccino to complete brewing, which may take up to five minutes depending on your model. Carefully remove the brew pot and pour into your favorite cappuccino mug.