How to Use a DeLonghi Caffe Sorrento

Bill Herrfeldt

DeLonghi is an Italian corporation that manufactures numerous products that last. The company makes the Caffe Sorrento, which crafts three different types of drinks: drip coffee, espresso and cappuccino. Each is different and requires that you follow different instructions. But once you go through the process of making any or all three, the amount of money you spent for this relatively expensive coffeemaker will be well worth it.

  1. Make some drip coffee. Fill the water tank with clean, cold water for the number of cups of coffee you would like to make. You can either remove the tank from the machine or leave it on to fill it with water; the carafe has a water level indicator. If you remove the tank, be sure that you press down firmly on the tank when it is replaced. Open the filter holder and put the permanent filter into it; using the measuring spoon that came with the machine, add one spoonful to the filter for each cup you'd like to make, then close the filter holder and be sure that the carafe is on the warming tray at the bottom of the machine. Adjust the strength of the coffee by turning the flavor knob on the top of the unit. Finally, press the "on" switch to begin brewing. The warming tray will keep the coffee at a perfect drinking temperature for about two hours.

  2. Enjoy a cup or two of espresso. Take off the boiler cap by turning it counterclockwise; with the smaller of the two carafes, add enough water to make the correct number of cups. The carafe also has a water gauge to make this process easier. A filter is used for espresso, to which you should add the quantity of coffee indicated on the filter, making sure that you rid of the coffee that sticks to its sides. Use a high grade of espresso and ground it "medium." Place the filter in the filter holder and put the holder below the water boiler, with the handle pointed left. Press it up and secure it by turning the holder counterclockwise. You can make weak to strong espresso by turning the Vario knob accordingly. Ensure the carafe is secured in the slot underneath the filter holder, and ensure the steam release knob is closed by turning it counterclockwise. Turn on the switch for espresso/cappuccino, and you should begin brewing in about two minutes.

  3. Have a cup of cappuccino. Follow the same steps in making espresso, but complete some additional steps. Put cold milk into the milk tank to the level labeled "MAX," which will make enough for two or three cappuccinos. Never overfill the milk tank. Turn the Vario system selector to "Cappuccino" and let the coffee brew and the milk heat. Never make more than four cups of cappuccino, as there won't be enough pressure to froth the milk. When it's made, pour the cappuccino into large cups, then wait for the "OK" light on the milk tank. Place each cup under the tube of the milk tank and turn the steam release knob in a counterclockwise direction. To make great cappuccino, combine into thirds the espresso, warm milk and frothed milk.