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How to Use a Swift Espresso Machine

Kirk Maltbee

Many coffee aficionados love a crisp shot of espresso, either straight up or as an addition to regular coffee or coffee drinks such as cappuccino. The Swift company lets owners home brew espresso courtesy of its espresso machines, the benefits being hot espresso made fresh anytime and not having to pay coffee-shop prices. New owners of a Swift Espresso Maker may be confused as to how to get it working properly.

Swift espresso makers allow you to enjoy home-brewed espresso.
  1. Place your Swift espresso maker on a flat, stable surface. Turn the control knob to "Off" and plug the machine into an outlet. Turn the lid on the reservoir counterclockwise to open. Pour 3 to 4 cups of water into the reservoir.

  2. Turn the lid clockwise to close. Place the carafe on the drip plate to fill. If you're using your machine for the first time, press the "Brew" button to run the water through the machine by itself. This will remove any dust that may have settled in the internal parts of the espresso maker. Repeat steps 1 and 2, as needed, if you run a cleaning cycle.

  3. Remove the filter basket by turning clockwise. Spoon 2 to 3 tbsp. of ground espresso beans into the filter. Put the filter back in its place and turn it counterclockwise to snap it in securely. Turn the control knob to "Brew."

  4. Turn the control knob to "Full-Steam" when brewing stops. Turn the control knob to "Off" when the nozzle stops steaming.