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Flavia Coffee Machine Operating Instructions

Meredith Jameson

Flavia coffee machines are designed to make cups of coffee, tea and specialty drinks, one at a time. The machine is compact to fit easily on counters or other small surfaces. The coffee machine has an adjustable brewer head, 0.4 gallon water tank and comes with a limited warranty. Operating the Flavia coffee machine is fairly straightforward, but it should not be used by children, due to the use of electricity and hot liquids.

The Flavia coffee machine makes one cup of coffee at a time.
  1. Plug the Flavia coffee machine into a power outlet, and set the machine on a flat, stable surface.

  2. Lift the lid from the top of the coffee maker and fill the water reservoir with clean, cold water to the "Max" line. Close the lid.

  3. Rotate the lid on the pack door ¼ turn counterclockwise to open. Insert the coffee brewing pack into the brew head. Push it in completely, until a clicking sound is heard.

  4. Rotate the lid a ¼ turn clockwise to close. Set a coffee cup on the base plate. Move the brew head as close to the opening on the cup as possible.

  5. Press a selection button. The middle button is meant for all coffee or tea, the right button is meant for beverages that use two packs of coffee, and the left button is for other beverages.

  6. Wait for the beverage to finish brewing before lifting the cup off the plate. When the beverage is finished, wait a minute to allow the device to cool before opening the pack door to remove and discard the used coffee pack.