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How to Use a Magic Bullet to Grind Wheat

Ava Perez

Many people derive great satisfaction from making their own food. Grinding wheat to produce your own flour is taking "homemade" to a whole new level. It may seem daunting and laborious, but grinding grains is actually easy to accomplish with the use of a powerful food mill like the Magic Bullet. This device makes simple work of breaking hard shells and grinding wheat to a smooth powder. The result is fresh, silky flour ready for baking.

Home milling produces the freshest-tasting flour.
  1. Wash and dry all the Magic Bullet components thoroughly.

  2. Measure and pour the wheat berries into the large-sized Magic Bullet cup.

  3. Place the lid with the flat blades onto the cup and screw tightly to secure in place. The flat blade is ideal for grinding hard foods, so be sure you are using the appropriate lid.

  4. Plug the power base into an electrical outlet. Make sure you are in a dry, clean area.

  5. Align the notches in the Magic Bullet lid with the notches in the power base.

  6. Press down and turn to the right to activate the motor. Allow the grains to whir for 30 seconds.

  7. Stop the blending by releasing pressure from the cup. Open the jar to view the powder.

  8. Continue blending if the flour is too coarse. When ready, pour the flour into your storage container.