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How to Use a Robot Coupe

Elton Dunn

The Robot Coupe is the food processing choice of professional cooks worldwide. Similar to a Cuisinart, the Robot Coupe's durability and stronger motor withstand the heavy use of food processing in a professional kitchen.

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Robot Coupe
  1. Before using the Robot Coupe, make sure you have all its parts and a spatula on hand. The parts include the base (with attached electrical cord), the blade, food processing chamber and the lid.

  2. Place the food chamber on the stand with the handle toward you and turn left or right to lock into place. You will hear a click and the handle will be directly in front of you, indicating the chamber is in the proper position.

  3. Fit the blade into the food chamber. If the blade does not immediately fit, twist until its teeth are aligned and it is snug against the bottom of the food chamber.

  4. Place food into the chamber. The popular R2N model pictured above has a 3-quart capacity. Information about other models can be found in your manual or by locating your model at www.robotcoupeusa.com.

  5. Lock the lid onto the chamber by fitting the grooves together. If you need to add liquid while processing you can pour it through the hole in the center of the lid.

  6. Turn on the Robot Coupe by pressing the green button. The red button will turn the Robot Coupe off.

  7. You may use the black button instead of the green one to pulse food. Pulsing allows you to better control how coarsely or finely your food is chopped, because you can stop the machine at any time by removing your finger from the pulse button.

  8. Process the food until it's ground to your desired consistency, then scrape it out of the chamber with the spatula. Repeat with additional batches if necessary; see Step 4 for more information on chamber capacity.