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How to Use a Grinder As a Juicer

Annelies de Groot

Juicing your fruit and vegetables is a convenient way to benefit from their nutrients. Juicers -- at least good ones -- can be expensive. If you have a food grinder on hand, there's no need to purchase a new appliance, as the blades of a grinder can do the job, too. The juice produced from a grinder will have more pulp and plant pieces than a true juicer, but that can be strained if it's not to your liking.

Grinding your fruits and vegetables will result in a very pulpy juice that you can strain.
  1. Set up your grinder by assembling all the pieces. Place the food tray on top and a bowl or glass under the output.

  2. Chop the fruit or vegetables you are juicing into small pieces. Remove the cores, seeds and skins.

  3. Place the small pieces in the food tray of the grinder and turn the grinder to a medium setting.

  4. Guide the fruit or vegetables through the grinder gently and be sure to keep your fingers clear of the blades. The pulpy juice will come out into the bowl or glass you placed under the output of the grinder.

  5. Strain the mixture to remove the pulp if you desire a more liquid juice.

  6. Clean your grinder to remove remaining fruit or vegetable pulp from the blades and store the machine in a safe place.