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Emeril Steamer Instructions

Vanessa Ryan

The Emeril Steamer is a countertop electric steamer that is part of the Emerilware product line by T-Fal. The line also includes a grill, a deep fryer and a food processor. Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse endorses the products. The steamer is designed to cook meats, vegetables, fish and rice quickly. Steaming is a healthy way of cooking food that doesn't require any additional fat for preparation.

  1. Pour water into the tank up to the "Max" level.

  2. Position the juice collector on the tank until it is firm. Set the maxi capacity bowl on top of the juice collector.

  3. Place the food you want to steam into the steamer basket. Place the basket into the maxi capacity bowl and fold the handles down into the notches.

  4. Put the lid on the steamer and plug the steamer into a standard wall outlet. Set the time according to the food you are steaming and wait for it to cook.