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How Do I Disassemble a Juiceman Jr.?

Meredith Jameson

The Juiceman Junior is a 700 watt juicing machine that is smaller than the traditional juicer sold by Juiceman. The unit has a large feed chute, stainless steel filter housing, clear lid, safety lock, juice jug and cleaning brush. The appliance is sold on the Internet and in many culinary supply stores and department stores. After creating the desired juice with the appliance, taking the Juiceman Junior apart to clean it is fairly simple and only takes a few steps.

The Juiceman Juicer allows users to create juice from a variety of produce.
  1. Turn off and disconnect power to the Juiceman device.

  2. Push down on the "Safety Lock" button near the front of the machine and swing the safety lever away from the feed tube. Release the safety lock.

  3. Turn the feed chute clockwise and pull up to remove. Lift the front lip first and then pull the back lip away from the juice bowl.

  4. Grasp the bottom of the pulp container and lift up to pull it away from the base.

  5. Lift the filter over the back part of the pulp spout and remove, using caution to avoid the blades underneath the filter.

  6. Lift off the juice bowl.

  7. Wash all components in warm, soapy water and rinse well. Dry before reassembling the juicer.