How to Refill a Rabbit Ear Pepper Mill

Chef'n manufactures and distributes pepper mills that have rabbit ears on top.

The rabbit ears move back and forth with your fingers to grind the peppercorns inside. Refilling a rabbit ear pepper mill is a bit different than a regular pepper mill or peppershaker. The design of the pepper mill hides the refill opening well. Although it is a simple process, the pepper ball mill is the most elusive to access of the pepper mills that Chef'n manufactures.

Turn the pepper ball upside down. Hold the pepper ball at the clear top just below the rabbit ears in one hand.

Twist the solid color bottom counterclockwise with your free hand. Lift the bottom away from the pepper ball.

Fill the top of the pepper ball with fresh peppercorns up to the fill line.

Turn the pepper ball bottom clockwise onto the clear top until it is hand tight.

Things You Will Need

  • Peppercorns


  • Slide the small window on the side of the pepper ball, if you have the mini version with the refrigerator magnets.
  • If you have the Chef'n Rabbit, simply pull off the tail to refill with pepper.

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