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How to Remove a Hose from a Dyson DC15 Ball Vacuum

Matthew Ferguson

Among Dyson’s line of upright vacuums, the DC15 Ball features a number of detachable parts, making basic periodic maintenance of the machine accessible to even novice technicians. Larger objects may sometimes cause a blockage inside the DC15. Depending on where the blockage occurs, the problem may be remedied by removal of the hose from the machine.

Step 1

Unwrap the cord from the backside of the Dyson DC15 Ball. If the machine is plugged in, unplug it now.

Step 2

Press the wand release catch, located just below the handle, and detach the wand and hose from the machine.

Step 3

Press the two retaining clips located beneath the wand release catch, and separate the top of the hose from the wand.

Step 4

Rotate the base of the hose downwards, away from the machine, until it clicks.

Step 5

Twist the base of the hose clockwise to remove this end of the hose from the Dyson DC15.