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How to Install a Kohler Sink Drain

Michael Straessle

Plumbing is not among the favorite projects for homeowners to tackle. However, since plumbing is a necessary part of the upkeep of a home, learning the basics just makes good sense. Keep in mind that major plumbing, or that which requires digging in the ground or replacing a large number of pipes, should be left to the professionals. A minor plumbing project, such as installing a Kohler sink drain, is one you can approach with confidence. As with all plumbing installs or repairs, read the manufacturer's guide on the product package to see if special tools are needed.

Time to get a new one.
  1. Clean out the sink after removing the old drain, if applicable. Separate the Kohler sink drain parts from each other.

  2. Apply plumber's putty to the bottom of the section that fits on top. Place a small amount of the putty in your hand and roll it back and forth to form a "rope" long enough to fit around the drain top.

  3. Press the putty firmly against the bottom side of the drain top. Thread the bottom nut over the drain and turn it a few times.

  4. Slip the bottom section of the drain up through the bottom of the sink and thread the top section onto it from inside the sink bowl. Tighten the top section and the bottom section at the same time until the drain fits snuggly against the sink bowl. The plumber's putty will squeeze out from under the top section but will make a good seal.

  5. Clean up as much of the putty as you can with your fingers and return it to the container. Connect the drain pipes according to the manufacturer's instructions. Check for leaks.