How to Install a Mustee Drain Seal

Meg Butler

Mustee manufactures a line of drain seals for use with its Durabase prefabricated shower floors. Drain seals are an optional installation component and only strictly necessary if plumbing codes in your area call for them. You are ready to install your Mustee drain seal when the plumbing is in place and the Durabase prefabricated shower floor is in position. At this point, the Mustee drain seal is easy to install with the right tools.

Step 1

Coat the drain seal with a liquid detergent soap to lubricate it.

Step 2

Place the Mustee drain seal over the drain pipe.

Step 3

Tamp the drain into place. Place the end of your wooden dowel onto the drain seal. Tap the other end of the dowel with a hammer to push it down the drainpipe. Stop when the drain seal is flush with the subfloor.