How to Clean a Paella Pan

April Dowling

Distinguished by their durability and even heat conductivity, paella pans are named after a Spanish rice dish. Carbon steel paella pans are the most prevalent and authentic type of paella pan. Like all pans, paella pans get dirty with each use, and are often soiled with oily rice grains and various food particles. Fortunately, the prompt cleaning of a dirty paella pan prevents the rice grains from becoming stubborn to remove. Properly clean a carbon steel paella pan to extend its lifespan.

Traditional paella is always cooked in paella pans.
  1. Fill the paella pan with 1/2 inch of warm water. Allow the water to soak in the pan for two hours to soften food grime.

  2. Drain the water from the paella pan.

  3. Moisten a non-abrasive sponge with dish soap, and then wipe the remaining food residue from the pan.

  4. Rinse the paella pan under hot water, then wipe the clean paella pan with a clean dishtowel to eliminate all moisture.

  5. Crumple up a clean paper towel and moisten it with vegetable oil.

  6. Rub the oily paper towel over the clean paella pan, coating the carbon steel surface evenly with vegetable oil. This oil coating prevents the pan from developing rust.