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Cuisinart Little Pro Plus Instructions

Tara Kimball

The Cuisinart Little Pro Plus food processor and juicer, now discontinued, is a versatile tool for chopping and pureeing foods or extracting fresh juice for drinking or use in recipes. The feeding tube on the lid provides an alternative for adding liquid to your recipe without stopping to remove the cover. With proper assembly, the food processor will hold up to three cups of food.

  1. Wash all the components except the base in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry each piece. Place the base on a flat surface, such as a counter.

  2. Place the plastic bowl over the center post on the base, positioning the handle on the left side of the center point on the base. Turn the bowl counterclockwise until it clicks, locking into place.

  3. Slide the cutting blade over the center post inside the plastic bowl. Hold the blade by the center plastic piece to avoid cutting yourself. Push down on the post to lock the blade in place. The lower section of the blade will nearly touch the bottom of the bowl.

  4. Add food to the bowl before securing the lid, or place the lid on top of the bowl and turn it counterclockwise until it locks in place. Add contents to the bowl through the tube built into the lid, covering it every time you engage the blades.

  5. Slide the switch on the base of the food processor to the speed you desire. Use "Pulse" for intermittent chopping. Use the "On" setting for continuous processing.

  6. Install the juicer attachment for fresh juice. Place the strainer basket inside the work bowl, locking it over the center post. Slide the juicer stem adapter over the center post, then turn it clockwise to lock it in place. Secure the juicer cone of your choice on top. The small cone is ideal for lemons and limes, while the medium cone works for oranges and the large cone is best for grapefruit and other similar-sized fruit.

  7. Slice fresh fruit in half, then hold half over the cone. Press the "Pulse" button to spin the cone and extract juice from the fruit.