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How Do I Remove the Work Bowl in a Cuisinart Classic?

Kenneth Crawford

Cleaning the Cuisinart Classic food processor requires disassembling the work bowl and accessories from the main body of the unit. The Cuisinart Classic has a safety mechanism that prevents the unit from operating until the work bowl and cover are locked into position. This ensures that the bowl or cover does not slip during operation. Removing the work bowl in a Cuisinart Classic requires unlocking it from the main unit.

Step 1

Unplug the Cuisinart Classic power cord from the electrical outlet. Pull the food pusher out of the sleeve in the work bowl top.

Step 2

Turn the work bowl top clockwise to unlock the tabs from the unit. Lift the cover away from the bowl.

Step 3

Grab the blade assembly inside the bowl by the collar around the center. Lift the blade off the motor shaft and out of the bowl.

Step 4

Twist the work bowl clockwise to unlock it from the body of the Cuisinart Classic. Lift the work bowl away from the unit.